Pappa Needs a New Pair of Shoes… What Do We Do with These Nice Old Ones?

Image What do you do when a relationship has run its course?  We engage in relationships all the time.  With other people as well as material objects.  A portion of being successful is knowing when a relationship is beneficial to you or if it has become somewhat of a liability; or even better, see when a possible liability is brewing.

I have an old vehicle.  It’s a 1995 model with over 220K miles on it.  This vehicle has done me well.  Of course I have had to replace the tires, brakes, battery, alternator, as well as a few other minor odds-n-ins; and sure the A/C, defrost and cigarette lighter don’t work (it actually has two lighters! neither work), but she has been a trustworthy companion.

I have people like this in my life too.  They have served me well and been there through thick and thin.  Like my vehicle, they don’t seem to have much more to offer me in the way of getting to my final destination though.  I can get a new car tomorrow, but what of people?  I need a reliable mode of transportation and I do like to travel in style… I’m still talking about a car, right?  What do I owe that old vehicle?  What do I owe my old friends?

By the way, I have a beautiful vintage sports car that sits in the driveway ready to roll at a moments notice… just saying.


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