About The Kid

I refuse to grow up.  I am a grown male human but not sure if you should call me a “man”; this definition seems to be in much flux for today’s society.  Let’s say a perpetual boy in a man’s body.  I have been told I am way too self-centered and often have to be reminded the world does not revolve around me, to which I always enlighten my adviser that I am in fact the center of the universe.

I have seen much of the world and not all of it is good.  Then again much of what the world has seen of me isn’t good either.  My interest include constant physical improvement, damn good food, comics, the future, and sex.  In no particular order were these listed, by the way.

I believe my health to be my number one concern.  Calories are counted, exercise regimes maintained, and many would call be a germ-a-phobe.  Besides my health I consider my security to be of the next utmost importance; physical, personal, and financial.  I am not wealthy, but I do alright.  I reside in a home that is very well secure and I have studied multiple forms of self defense over a few years now.  I’m secure.

It’s the other people in this world that both fascinate me to the point of being addicted to their contact and irritate me to the point of seriously considering mass murder.  It’s this cognitive dissonance within myself that has brought me to watching the mental tug-of-wars that go on within the creatures I so love to hate.

So, welcome; let’s see where this takes me.


4 thoughts on “About The Kid

    1. thekidis Post author

      Yes, yes! I’ll be back. Your poetry is strong. I enjoy the way you are able to share to true feelings through words on paper (or computer screen for the sake of argument). Hope you come back and check on the Kd from time to time too. Peace.


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