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Where Did I Go?


Wow!  Halloween was the last time I was able to write

something?  Not entirely true.  I have been busy and lazy all at the same time.  After all, I am a kid… correction, The Kid.


So, Happy New Year!!!!  And a belated holidays to all.  If you are in the US, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and if you are not I hope any fall festival you may have had with plenty of good food, friends, and family went well.  As for the Kid, I have been all over the place.


It started just before Thanksgiving as I came across a group of 20 somethings at a karaoke night in a small bar.  I was there to enjoy a cold beverage and plan just where or what I might want to do for the up coming holidays.  It was a group of six.   There were two males and four females; two couples and two single young ladies.  The Kid isn’t getting any younger but I carry my little bit of age very well and I knew all the 80’s songs these “youngsters” were attempting to sing, and I can sing a little.




By the end of the night I was invited back to the vacation house these young men and women were renting.  The libations flowed and more singing followed.  As the two couples eventually retired and one young lady collapsed from all the jovial festivities, I found myself alone with a very attractive young woman… never mind I may have already had a driver’s license on the day she was born.  She and I would spend the wee-hours of the morning talking about life, movies, music, future, and love.


I woke up with the lovely young woman cuddled next to me on the couch of the house’s front room.  Insomnia is a periodic problem for me and I rarely sleep more than three hours.  Everyone in the house was out cold.  My beautiful new friend and I had fallen asleep while talking and I guess she had snuggled up to me in our sleep; I didn’t mind.  Easing up from the couch so as not to wake her was a trick, but I really had to go to the bathroom.


After relieving myself I walked about the house and took note as to how easily these young people had let me into their lives… they had no clue who I was.  Why would they so openly accept me?  Perhaps they need a lesson.  It was close to sunrise.  I needed to work quickly.


Later in the day I was sitting at a fast food joint having a burger when my phone rang… it was one of the males.


“Hey mother fucker!  Nice fucking prank!  If I ever see you again I’m gonna kick your ass!”


It seems they woke up to random words written on their faces.  Random picture of my body parts on some of their phones (some were locked).  All the cabinets had been super glued shut in the kitchen and the bathroom was almost completely covered in TP.



Everyone got fucked with except one cute girl sleeping quietly on the couch.


I explained to him they still had all their money, they still had their cars, and they still had their lives.  It’s amazing how others get all bent out of shape when they let you screw them.


Kids these days…


That evening the young lady called me and said she had a wonderful time and if she ever happened to be in this area again would like to know if I might spend some time with her… of course;-)